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Our apprentice shines in a new campaign film

Those who know us are aware that we take the apprenticeship of talented blacksmiths very seriously. Each year, we welcome new apprentices into our team, and we constantly have between 5 and 7 apprentices in training, working hard to master the blacksmithing craft. Therefore, it was not a difficult decision to say yes when Industriens Uddannelser and the agency MUST approached us with the opportunity to participate in an inspiring campaign film focusing on blacksmith education and the incredible opportunities it offers. In the campaign film, set to be released in the near future, you will meet our talented EUX apprentice, Søren Dybbroe Thews, who shines in the project. Søren represents not only us but also the future of blacksmithing. We are incredibly proud of his commitment and dedication to exploring the blacksmithing craft. Stay tuned for the exciting campaign film's launch, which inspires and motivates future blacksmiths to pursue their dreams and become part of our strong professional community.

DatoSep 2023

Opening of the Impressive Pretreatment Facility at Bjergmarken Wastewater Treatment Plant

In May 2022, we commenced the assembly in the new pretreatment building at the Bjergmarken wastewater treatment plant in Roskilde. Therefore, it was a great pleasure to participate in the opening ceremony last week. Aquagain was responsible for the installation of all process equipment, as well as the fabrication of all piping systems, coverings, lids, railings/stairs, telescopes, and launder channels. The project was executed with close and productive communication among all involved parties, with a continuous emphasis on "the right solution" for the operating personnel, while maintaining a high pace. Throughout the project, Aquagain's team consisted of the same salesperson, project manager, and senior installer, which resulted in efficient execution with high-quality results – the pictures speak for themselves. We are delighted with the collaboration and proud to have been part of this exciting project. We hope FORS will be very pleased with their new, splendid pretreatment building.

DatoSep 2023

Aquagain welcomes Nicolaj E. B. Juhl to the Technical Department

Aquagain welcomes a new addition to our technical team. Nicolaj E. B. Juhl, a promising 29-year-old production technologist, is now a part of the team, bringing a fresh perspective to the company. With a background as an industrial technician and later an education as a production technologist, Nicolaj has entered the industry with a keen interest in learning and growing. His decision to shift from being an industrial technician to a production technologist reflects his focused approach and desire to develop in the field. Although Nicolaj hasn't yet had the opportunity to build an in-depth experience as a production technologist, it was his positive attitude and dedication that caught the attention of Aquagain's Egineering Manager, Martin S. K. Laursen. Even with limited experience, Martin believes that Nicolaj's enthusiasm and willingness to learn are crucial for his future success in the company. Nicolaj's infectious optimism and morning fitness routine before work speak to his approach to daily life, and this same mindset is expected to flourish in his professional work. While Nicolaj's roots are in Tarm and he has previously lived in Aulum, he has now chosen to settle in Kolding with his girlfriend, Julie. This new beginning marks an exciting phase in his life, where he is expected to contribute to Aquagain's continued growth and success with his position at the company.

DatoAug 2023

We went to the Smukfest-festival

Since 2017, Aquagain has sent service technicians to Smukfest-festival - not to party, listen to music, and drink beer, but to handle the drainage from approximately 50,000 needy festival guests. Aquagain Service has a service agreement with Smukfest and Skanderborg Forsyning to surveil, oversee and take care of the festival's and utility's most stressed pumping stations.

DatoAug 2023

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