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See you in Aars?

We are pleased to announce that our talented colleague Keld Jacobsen will represent Aquagain at the Danish Waterworks trade fair on March 31st in Aars. Keld is looking forward to meeting our current and future customers and partners and sharing his expertise in full and partial contracts for Danish waterworks.

DatoMar 2023

Kurt has worn out his van

Kurt hardly needs any introduction – many of our customers already know him, because he has worked as a service technician at Aquagain Service since 2006 and has carried out countless repairs, maintenance and service on machine and process equipment. Kurt has been on so many service jobs that he has completely worn out his service van; It has traveled 315,980 km on the Danish roads and has now come to the end of the road. Now, he has a new service van - with 0 km on the odometer. That makes him and his partner Leif smile quite a bit - it's of'course a great pleasure to drive a new van when you drive that many kilometers every week. With the new van, Kurt and Leif are ready to solve service tasks for the many regular customers - and if you have a breakdown, it might just be the 2 seasoned service technicians that'll come to your rescue.

DatoMar 2023

Aquagain project manager defends Ph.D.

Charlotte Wilhelmsen, who joined as project manager at Aquagain in November 2022, will defend her PhD on Tuesday 28 February 2023. Charlotte's PhD thesis is about developing a fungal-produced electroactive compounds in a battery to store renewable energy. PhD is a doctoral research degree that involves independently conducting original and significant research in a specific field or subject, before producing a publication-worthy thesis. A Ph.D. qualifies to carry out research, development and teaching at an international level in both the private and public sector.

DatoFeb 2023

Learning agreements entered into with 2 young men

At the end of 2022, we had 2 young men for a week's internship, and we were very pleased with their attitude and approach to the technical challenges we gave them. We were, therefore, happy when they both chose to accept our offer of an apprenticeship.

DatoJan 2023

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