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Aquagain is the exclusive distributor and service partner of HUBER products in Denmark.

That means we are your partner when you need powerful machines and solutions.

Huber develops and manufactures high-quality machinery and equipment for the wastewater industry and has been doing so for more than 150 years.

At Aquagain, we take pride in delivering high-quality contracts and projects, high consistency of supply and reliability, good functionality and subsequent excellent service of the installed equipment.

The combination of Aquagain's excellent project solutions and Huber's quality machinery and equipment, means plants and solutions of an exceptionally high level - to the benefit of our customers in the industry.

The collaboration between Aquagain and Huber fits like a glove.

Service and original spare parts
We help with service and original spare parts - also for you who already have machines and equipment from Huber.

We offer general and preventive servicing of your machinery and equipment, either on a one-off basis or as a fixed service agreement at scheduled intervals.

Is your HUBER equipment not performing optimally?
From time to time, we come across customers who are not completely satisfied with Huber machines or other equipment they have previously had installed.

 If your HUBER equipment is not performing optimally and is not meeting your expectations, it will most likely need fine-tuning and adjustment.

 Let us check the equipment and fix the problems so it can work properly again.

Close collaboration with HUBER in Germany
Our installation and service staff are in direct contact with HUBER staff in Germany and together we can clarify any particular focus points we need to be aware of for your particular equipment. 

Our staff can also call on HUBER's expertise at any time during the installation or servicing of your HUBER equipment.

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