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Despite modern times, the welding profession still forms a large part of our DNA and we have not forgotten the good craftsmanship, the quality in it and the pride around the profession.

That is why we also actively participate with apprenticeships, where we continuously train new stainless steel smiths, both with the regular blacksmith education and the EUX education, where the individual simultaneously takes a matriculation examination.

Our blacksmiths / welders have welding certificates according to DS / EN ISO 9606-1 - PED-approved + we have relevant WPSs and WPQR.

We currently have 5 blacksmith apprentices in training, and it is more the rule than the exception that after graduation they stay with us to continue their career and profession.

Do you think Aquagain is the right place for you, then call Poul Madsen on +45 4099 5534 or write to us by email: info@aquagain.dk


In our design department we also train students on an ongoing basis.

We believe we have a responsibility to provide apprenticeships and help train new technical designers in industrial production (EUD).

Our students are trained in technical documentation and working drawings in 2D and 3D.

It is an important part of the apprenticeship to learn how to calculate constructions for production and to participate in projects across our organization.

Applications must be sent to our postal address or by email: info@aquagain.dk

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Martin Schytte Kronborg Laursen

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