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New Faces in the Technical Department

Aquagain is taking on more complex tasks and delivering larger and larger systems. Therefore, it has been necessary to strengthen our technical department – both in terms of expertise and staffing. We are pleased to welcome two new faces to the department: Morten Bacher Pedersen and Lukasz Glowacz. Lukasz has been hired as a mechanical engineer and ensures a boost in expertise and anchoring. He will primarily be responsible for design, calculations, and ensuring our product development. We have a really good feeling about Lukasz as our new colleague – he is really nice and skilled. He comes with extensive experience from the bodywork/truck industry but chose a career change as he seeks personal development and is confident that the future lies in working with climate solutions. Lukasz lives in Toftlund with his wife and their 11-year-old son. He enjoys long walks with their beagle Rico, camping trips, and traveling to experience new cultures.

DatoMay 2024

Aquagain dives into the latest trends at IFAT Munich 2024

At this year's IFAT trade fair in Munich, there's plenty to immerse yourself in when it comes to water and wastewater technology. We're proud to participate at HUBER's booth and look forward to meeting both old and new acquaintances for a chat about sustainable solutions and environmentally friendly innovation. The IFAT trade fair is the perfect place to stay updated on the latest advancements in climate resilience, digital transformation, and global water justice. We're ready to be part of the conversation and share our expertise with the industry. Visit us at HUBER's booth, and let's explore the future of sustainable water and energy solutions together!

DatoMay 2024

Aquagain participates in Nordjyllands Spildevandforening's 24-hour Course.

We will be attending Nordjyllands Spildevandforening's 24-hour Course, taking place on April 4th and 5th. We look forward to discussing the latest advancements and trends within the wastewater sector, as well as an excellent opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences with our industry colleagues.

DatoMar 2024

Milestone at Damhusåen Water Treatment Plant with Thermal Hydrolysis Plant (THP)

A wealth of innovation and collaboration is flowing through our ongoing project at Damhusåen Water Treatment Plant, where Aquagain is a key player in the implementation of a thermal hydrolysis plant (THP) as part of Biofos's ambitious development plans.

DatoMar 2024

Aquagain's Norwegian team is expanded with Mathias Hagen Nygaard

Meet our new Norwegian project manager, Mathias Hagen Nygaard, who is attached to our department in Norway. With the employment of Mathias, we strengthen our presence in Norway and our department manager Andreas Smedsrud gets a new playmate. Mathias, 36 years old, was born and raised in Oslo and still lives in the capital.

DatoMar 2024

Calm Seas and Craftsmanship: Modernization on Lyø

We are pleased to share an inspiring tale of our latest project on Lyø – a gem in the southern Funen archipelago. We delivered the blacksmithing contract as part of a broader effort to modernize the worn-out treatment plant, unable to handle the increasing number of tourists visiting the island in the summer.

DatoFeb 2024

Efficient Operation Optimization by Aquagain and Linak at Ikast Wastewater Treatment Plant

We are truly pleased to have assisted Ikast Wastewater Treatment Plant in refining its operations by introducing LINAK actuators. Under the leadership of our service manager, Rune Christiansen, we have spearheaded the project and delivered a solution that not only addresses technical challenges but also significantly enhances operational efficiency. From the outset, it was evident that a more reliable and robust solution was needed to adjust the gates on the process tank. Therefore, we recommended LINAK actuators to tackle the challenge.

DatoJan 2024

Anne-Sofie Qvist Fisker completes education with Top Honors at Aquagain

We are delighted to share the fantastic news about our talented student, Anne-Sofie Qvist Fisker, who can now proudly be called a technical designer. Anne-Sofie has just completed her education and apprenticeship with us, earning top honors in her final exam.

DatoJan 2024

Aquagain's Design Department Boosts Expertise

The design department is strengthened with the addition of Nermin Aljic! The 29-year-old mechanical engineer from Esbjerg has seamlessly integrated into the work and has already made a positive impact since his employment on January 2, 2024.

DatoJan 2024

Merry Christmas from Aquagain

Merry Christmas from Aquagain We wish you and your loved ones a magical Christmas filled with joy, love, and sustainable moments. We look forward to 2024, where we, together with customers and partners, continue to innovate powerful solutions for tomorrow's challenges. We will be on Christmas break from Friday, December 22nd at 12:00, and you can reach us again from Tuesday, January 2nd at 07:00. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

DatoDec 2023

1000 flat pallets and a sled dog

Aquagain proudly announces the achievement of a remarkable milestone: the production of modular flat number 1000. This milestone signifies a decade of close collaboration and dedication to quality.

DatoDec 2023

Aquagain at STF's 24-Hour Course in Kolding: Sustainable Wastewater Treatment in Focus

Last weekend, Aqugain proudly participated in STF's 24-Hour Course in Kolding, where we had the opportunity to share our knowledge about sustainable wastewater treatment. Our booth served as a meeting point for engaged participants, and we are grateful for the many inspiring conversations we had with all of you.

DatoNov 2023

Aquagain recruits experienced technician for servicing biogas customers

Aquagain has just hired Johan Iversen as a new service technician. Johan will focus on our biogas customers in close collaboration with our service manager.

DatoOct 2023

Aquagain at the Annual Conference: Exploring Pyrolysis

We are delighted to announce that Aquagain will not only be participating as an exhibitor but will also take the stage at the upcoming Annual Conference of the Wastewater Technology Association, taking place on November 3rd and 4th in Kolding.

DatoOct 2023

What can you do with a piece of steel

What can you do with a piece of steel?" – our talented EUX apprentice, Søren Dybbroe Thews, reveals in the campaign film from Industrial Education. The campaign focuses on the blacksmith education and the many opportunities it provides for an exciting and versatile career. If you know a young ma

DatoSep 2023

Our apprentice shines in a new campaign film

Those who know us are aware that we take the apprenticeship of talented blacksmiths very seriously. Each year, we welcome new apprentices into our team, and we constantly have between 5 and 7 apprentices in training, working hard to master the blacksmithing craft. Therefore, it was not a difficult decision to say yes when Industriens Uddannelser and the agency MUST approached us with the opportunity to participate in an inspiring campaign film focusing on blacksmith education and the incredible opportunities it offers. In the campaign film, set to be released in the near future, you will meet our talented EUX apprentice, Søren Dybbroe Thews, who shines in the project. Søren represents not only us but also the future of blacksmithing. We are incredibly proud of his commitment and dedication to exploring the blacksmithing craft. Stay tuned for the exciting campaign film's launch, which inspires and motivates future blacksmiths to pursue their dreams and become part of our strong professional community.

DatoSep 2023

Opening of the Impressive Pretreatment Facility at Bjergmarken Wastewater Treatment Plant

In May 2022, we commenced the assembly in the new pretreatment building at the Bjergmarken wastewater treatment plant in Roskilde. Therefore, it was a great pleasure to participate in the opening ceremony last week. Aquagain was responsible for the installation of all process equipment, as well as the fabrication of all piping systems, coverings, lids, railings/stairs, telescopes, and launder channels. The project was executed with close and productive communication among all involved parties, with a continuous emphasis on "the right solution" for the operating personnel, while maintaining a high pace. Throughout the project, Aquagain's team consisted of the same salesperson, project manager, and senior installer, which resulted in efficient execution with high-quality results – the pictures speak for themselves. We are delighted with the collaboration and proud to have been part of this exciting project. We hope FORS will be very pleased with their new, splendid pretreatment building.

DatoSep 2023

Aquagain welcomes Nicolaj E. B. Juhl to the Technical Department

Aquagain welcomes a new addition to our technical team. Nicolaj E. B. Juhl, a promising 29-year-old production technologist, is now a part of the team, bringing a fresh perspective to the company. With a background as an industrial technician and later an education as a production technologist, Nicolaj has entered the industry with a keen interest in learning and growing. His decision to shift from being an industrial technician to a production technologist reflects his focused approach and desire to develop in the field. Although Nicolaj hasn't yet had the opportunity to build an in-depth experience as a production technologist, it was his positive attitude and dedication that caught the attention of Aquagain's Egineering Manager, Martin S. K. Laursen. Even with limited experience, Martin believes that Nicolaj's enthusiasm and willingness to learn are crucial for his future success in the company. Nicolaj's infectious optimism and morning fitness routine before work speak to his approach to daily life, and this same mindset is expected to flourish in his professional work. While Nicolaj's roots are in Tarm and he has previously lived in Aulum, he has now chosen to settle in Kolding with his girlfriend, Julie. This new beginning marks an exciting phase in his life, where he is expected to contribute to Aquagain's continued growth and success with his position at the company.

DatoAug 2023

We went to the Smukfest-festival

Since 2017, Aquagain has sent service technicians to Smukfest-festival - not to party, listen to music, and drink beer, but to handle the drainage from approximately 50,000 needy festival guests. Aquagain Service has a service agreement with Smukfest and Skanderborg Forsyning to surveil, oversee and take care of the festival's and utility's most stressed pumping stations.

DatoAug 2023

Aquagainløbet - a lovely Sunday

Mark your calendar for September 3rd at 10 AM, when the start signal goes off for this year's coziest running event; Aquagainløbet. You can either take a pleasant walk of 4.4 km with your family or choose one of the running routes of 5.5, 11, or 21.1 km. But perhaps most importantly, there's a 1 km children's race where everyone receives a medal to take home. The children's race is free! When you reach the finish line, there will be coffee and cake - in other words, there will also be water, fruit, tea, and juice, all free of charge. Beer and water can also be purchased. The event is organized by Brørup Løbeklub and De Blå Spejdere. Download information brochure Link to registration

DatoAug 2023

Closed for holidays

Our factory and office will be closed for summer holidays in weeks 30 and 31. Already scheduled tasks will be carried out as agreed, and our service department will remain open throughout the summer for urgent needs, assistance, and repairs. We wish everyone a lovely summer.

DatoJul 2023

New senior installer hired after reorganization in the company.

Da vores gode kollega Kurt valgte, at han skulle prøve andet arbejde end her hos os, gav det en tom plads i hans servicevogn. Den plads overtager Daniel Fuglsbjerg, en af vores overmontører gennem mange år.

DatoJul 2023

Thank you very much for your attention

On behalf of Lars, Aslak, and the entire Aquagain team, we would like to express our gratitude for the amazing attention and participation during Lars' 40th anniversary celebration. It was an incredibly joyful event, and your presence made it an unforgettable day. We are simply thrilled with the warm and positive atmosphere that filled the party tent. Your kindness, smiles, and

DatoJun 2023

Change and renewal in Aquagain Service

Kurt seeks new challenges - Leif steps in for unchanged quality service. We have an important update to share with you, which evokes feelings of both nostalgia and gratitude. After almost 40 years of loyal service with us, Kurt has chosen to seek new challenges. We wish him all the best on his upcoming adventure and sincerely appreciate his long-standing dedication to our team.

DatoMay 2023

Celebration of milestone; 40-year anniversary

We are thrilled to be able to celebrate Lars Nielsen's incredible achievement at Aquagain, where he has worked for a whole 40 years! It is truly something to celebrate! We would like to emphasize how happy we are for Lars with a fun and festive open house party, and we hope that many will help us. So if you

DatoMay 2023

Brian Michael Andersen joins the team

We are pleased to welcome our new Senior Installer, Brian Michael Andersen, to the Aquagain team. Brian is residing in Harlev J near Aarhus and started his position with us on March 20th, 2023. Brian was trained as a pipe fitter in 1984 and has since established a comprehensive background in various industries, including biogas, offshore supervision, and self-employment. Therefore, he brings

DatoMar 2023

See you in Aars?

We are pleased to announce that our talented colleague Keld Jacobsen will represent Aquagain at the Danish Waterworks trade fair on March 31st in Aars. Keld is looking forward to meeting our current and future customers and partners and sharing his expertise in full and partial contracts for Danish waterworks.

DatoMar 2023

Kurt has worn out his van

Kurt hardly needs any introduction – many of our customers already know him, because he has worked as a service technician at Aquagain Service since 2006 and has carried out countless repairs, maintenance and service on machine and process equipment. Kurt has been on so many service jobs that he has completely worn out his service van; It has traveled 315,980 km on the Danish roads and has now come to the end of the road. Now, he has a new service van - with 0 km on the odometer. That makes him and his partner Leif smile quite a bit - it's of'course a great pleasure to drive a new van when you drive that many kilometers every week. With the new van, Kurt and Leif are ready to solve service tasks for the many regular customers - and if you have a breakdown, it might just be the 2 seasoned service technicians that'll come to your rescue.

DatoMar 2023

Aquagain project manager defends Ph.D.

Charlotte Wilhelmsen, who joined as project manager at Aquagain in November 2022, will defend her PhD on Tuesday 28 February 2023. Charlotte's PhD thesis is about developing a fungal-produced electroactive compounds in a battery to store renewable energy. PhD is a doctoral research degree that involves independently conducting original and significant research in a specific field or subject, before producing a publication-worthy thesis. A Ph.D. qualifies to carry out research, development and teaching at an international level in both the private and public sector.

DatoFeb 2023

Learning agreements entered into with 2 young men

At the end of 2022, we had 2 young men for a week's internship, and we were very pleased with their attitude and approach to the technical challenges we gave them. We were, therefore, happy when they both chose to accept our offer of an apprenticeship.

DatoJan 2023

We wish you a merry Christmas

Dear customers, business partners, suppliers and friends. Aquagain and alle employees wish you a merry Christmas and hope you have a good start to the new year, where we look forward to working in many exciting projects with you. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. Aquagain

DatoDec 2022

Diligent senior installer

Well-travelled is too small a word to describe Harm’s travel experiences. Harm started in the position of our newest senior installer on 1 December, and we already know that he will have a lot of travel activity, as we need extra manpower for our projects in Norway. Harm is no stranger to travelling, and his previous jobs have taken him to almost every continent on the globe over the past 17 years. We are confident that Harm has both the professional background and the experience required to take on the role of senior installer at Aquagain.

DatoDec 2022

Did you know that you have access to a free and unlimited source of energy?

Due to the current climate and energy crisis, the need for a safe, environmentally friendly and economically attractive energy source is more urgent than ever. Municipal wastewater is a free and virtually unlimited source of energy that lies untapped; HUBER's Heat Exchanger RoWin unit is specifically designed to harness this free energy source.

DatoDec 2022

Sludge treatment in the Faroe Islands

Aquagain travels widely. We have just had an installation team return from the Faroe Islands, where they installed a sludge treatment plant southeast of Vestmanna, about 30 minutes drive from Thorshavn. The task involved the instalment of a new sludge treatment plant in cooperation with Krüger. Aquagain was responsible for assembling all machines, components and piping systems, the latter also supplied by Aquagain. The installation started in May, and our installation team worked in the beautiful surroundings for two periods of 4 weeks each. Most recently, they spent another week at the facility, participating in its start-up and commissioning. The plant is now complete, and we hope the customer and the operating staff will be happy with the result during its daily operations.

DatoDec 2022

Charlotte Wilhelmsen appointed as project manager

Charlotte, who graduated with a Master of Science in chemical engineering in 2018 from Aalborg University in Esbjerg, has been appointed to a position as project manager at Aquagain as of 1 November 2022.

DatoNov 2022

Improvement of 40 tonnes of screenings at Damhusåen

Aquagain Service is an independent division of Aquagain that provides a unique service concept with highly qualified professionals who can solve complex and highly varied tasks.

DatoOct 2022

The technical department is growing with 2 Mechanical Designers

Chanett Olsen started as a Mechanical Designer in our technical department on 3 October 2022. Kurt Andresen consolidates the technical department with 24 years of experience as a Mechanical Designer.

DatoOct 2022

Biodiversity in our backyard

All actions, large and small, are important for climate action. Nature is under stress. See how Aquagain creates a framework for biodiversity. Just behind Aquagain's production halls,

DatoSep 2022

Sustainable further development of popular strip diffuser

Sustainability - Climate - Biodiversity; Words that are repeatedly mentioned in the public debate. Words we have to deal with. It's perhaps somewhat of a given in our industry that we care about these very words. However, we are aware more needs to be done; there are still many areas where we can improve ourselves, our products and our initiatives. We try to do that every day, with big and small ideas for new measures. Below, you can read about a product that helps our customers reduce plastic waste, and you can read about our contribution to a little more biodiversity.

DatoSep 2022

Please welcome Martin and Keld

A fresh wind is blowing through the office at Aquagain these days, as we have welcomed 2 new employees; Martin Noes and Keld Jacobsen have both taken up their positions this week.

DatoSep 2022

Travelling Senior Installer

We are looking for a senior installer to take charge of installing wastewater treatment plants, new waterworks and biogas plants. You're the kind of person who get involved in our projects and take responsibility for them being carried out in accordance with the indisputable Aquagain quality. You get your own car, necessary electronic hardware and are responsible for your team on site with reference to the responsible project manager.

DatoAug 2022

*Highlight - HUBER Screenings Wash Press WAP/SL

The HUBER Screenings Wash Press WAP/SL is a very strong solution that we have had really good experience with. HUBER WAP/SL ensures: Very clean screenings due to high-intensity washing in launder tank, Dewatering performance up to 50 % DR, Volume, weight and disposal cost reduction by up to 85 %

DatoJun 2022

THE ANNUAL MEETING: What a pleasure

The annual meeting at Mariagerfjord treatment plant was held last Friday and we are happy that so many of you visited us. It was a pleasure to be able to share our knowledge and experiences with you. There were many good conversations during the day - conversations that we hope to be able to continue here in the time after.

DatoJun 2022

ANNUAL MEETING - We have the strongest team

The annual meeting on 17 June at Mariagerfjord Treatment Plant is a high priority here at Aquagain. Although it is a single-day event, we'll be bringing a whole haul of interesting equipment that solves industry challenges and thereby prompting professional conversations by the machinery.

DatoJun 2022

IFAT: Thank you for the many visits

We thank you for the many visits to IFAT. Both Danish and international guests came by the 1100 m2 stand and it was a great pleasure to talk to such professionally curious colleagues in the industry.

DatoJun 2022

BIOFOS - Lynetten: Climate-positive efficiency improvement of biogas production

BIOFOS has renewed and renovated its biogas production facilities at the Lynetten water treatment plant over a number of years. Aquagain – Folding Smed A/S has along the whole way been involved in various mechanical engineering contract work, which have now been finally completed.

DatoMay 2022

Aquagain in the Faroe Islands

After about 40 hours of ferry travel, one of Aquagain's installation teams has landed in the Faroe Islands. They head to a construction site located southeast of Vestmanna about 30 minutes drive from Thorshavn.

DatoMay 2022

Aquagain is hiring Project Manager for Norway office

Aquagain vokser i Norge etter hvert som ordreinngangen øker. Derfor ser vi etter en prosjektleder, spesielt for det norske markedet, med kontorlokale på Billingstad, Billingstadsletta 25.

DatoMay 2022

The Aquagain Race - 4th of september 2022

Run or take a Sunday stroll on the 4th of september 2022 with Aquagain, Brørup Running Club and the Scouts in Nørbølling, and we will provide coffee, tea, juice, cake and fruit afterwards.

DatoMay 2022

Will Aslak and Rikke win?

Today you can watch the FINAL of the show 'Alene i vilmarken', whit our CEO Aslak and his daughter Rikke. We are as excited as you, because we know as little as everyone else. But we know Aslak and Rikke and we are pretty sure that they will take the victory; They are made of a very special casting.

DatoApr 2022

IFAT: Digitization of the industry

Aquagain at IFAT Munich, 30 May - 3 June Are you and your company visiting the IFAT trade fair in Munich?

DatoApr 2022

Strong product developer for the Technical Department

Product development and CE approvals are some of Torben Steffensen’s competencies. Torben (aged 43) started as a Production Technologist in Aquagain’s Technical Department on 1 April 2022. He has previously developed products for the offshore industry and, more recently, tanks and filtration systems, so his skills are in order.

DatoApr 2022

New Senior Installer has got off to a great start

Kim Rexen is Aquagain’s newest chief fitter, who started with us on 1 February, has got off to a great start with a fan installation on a project in Assens. Kim is 42-years-old and his background was originally in the HVAC industry, but many years of experience as a fitter at various companies have equipped him for the job as chief fitter at Aquagain, where he works on projects in our core areas of wastewater, sludge, drinking water, biogas and industry.

DatoMar 2022

We are developing, and so is our website

Not all of our customers realise that the company that today has a significant market share and handles very large and complex projects was a one-man business 65 years ago. Entrepreneurship, expansion and development are part of our journey and our DNA.

DatoMar 2022

Technical department looking for reinforcement

We are looking for a Production Technologist/Mechanical Engineer/Technical Designer for our technical department. You will be part of a dedicated and committed team at our office in Brørup, where you

DatoFeb 2022

Christmas greetings from our CEO, Aslak

Dear customers and partners, We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Here at Aquagain, 2021 was in many ways a very exciting, but also challenging year - to be understood in the most positive way possible. We started the year by announcing that Aquagain as of January 1, 2021, had entered into a trade agreement with HUBER, one of the world's leading and largest manufacturers of high-end quality machinery and equipment in the wastewater sector. It is a recognition that all of us here in the company are very proud of, and which has strengthened our position in the wastewater segment. In the long run it will open up new opportunities, and throughout the year we have spent a lot of resources and energy on putting this new (for us) flagship in the lake. Our sales organization has been reorganized so that our longtime colleague, Tommy B. Nielsen, is now our contact person regarding HUBER's products

DatoDec 2021

Piping construction

At the moment, this piping construction is taking up quite a lot of space in our ”black” workshop. This is a piping construction for a powerful pump station for BLUE Kolding, which we are supplying in collaboration with TC Anlæg and Rambøll. The piping construction is carried out by certified professionals, qualified in their own workshop, based on WPQR (Welding Procedure Qualification Records).

DatoNov 2021

EUX at Aquagain

Aquagain feels considerable responsibility for the provision of apprenticeships, and to train skilled workers. It also means a lot to us to give our employees the chance and room to improve and follow their interests. We're quite happy to adapt the business and job functions to our employees, to ensure that it's the people at Aquagain that make the company, and not the other way around. There's room at Aquagain to grow, and to change direction. You can start as a floor sweeper, but become a metalworker, foreman, senior installer, technical designer, project manager etc., all depending on where your own dreams takes you. It's therefore totally in line with our philosophy that our two newest metalwork apprentices Christoffer Nielsen and Søren Dybbroe Thews are EUX apprentices, The EUX programme gives them a recognised qualification, a student cap and almost unlimited opportunities for further education. Christoffer and Søren combine their trade apprenticeship within metalwork with upper secondary education. The EUX programme runs for 4 years, and consists of an introductory course, followed by the main course, and is designed as a general trade qualification. It contains practical experience and full classroom-based tuition from the trade qualification, but the compulsory and optional subjects are replaced by upper secondary subjects. Aquagain ensures that these two young men (and all our apprentices) try their hand throughout our production department, are trained thoroughly in the various areas of metalworking, and are accompanied by a senior installer for the highly varied installation jobs.

DatoNov 2021

Welcome to the new project manager

Kim Jessen is the latest addition to the project office at Aquagain. Kim is currently deeply immersed in manuals and IT systems. There is a lot to learn when it comes to managing Aquagain’s large proj

DatoOct 2021

Winners at the 2021 Annual Meeting

Like 139 other exhibitors, Aquagain participated in the Annual Meeting at Biofos on Lynetten in early September. It is not merely an exhibition but rather a kind of networking event at which everyone

DatoSep 2021

Annual Meeting 2021: Meet Aquagain’s new Norwegian Department Manager

You will not be disappointed when you visit us at our stand at the annual meeting at Biofos on Lynetten on Friday 3 September. We have pulled out all the stops and have loads of exciting equipment and

DatoSep 2021

The Aquagain Race - Free for children

Run or take a Sunday stroll with Aquagain, Brørup Running Club and the Scouts in Nørbølling, and we will provide coffee, tea, juice, cake and fruit afterwards. The Aquagain Race has its 5th anniversa

DatoAug 2021

Reinforcement of the Technical Department

On 1 July, we welcomed Martin Houmann Noes to our Technical Department. As of 30 June, Martin is a newly trained production technologist, and even though the stamp on his exam certificate is still we

DatoJul 2021

Newly minted technical designer

Karsten Lehmberg, apprentice in our technical department, has just defended his test for completed apprenticeship and received a very nice 10. Although he had set his aim slightly higher, we are very

DatoJun 2021

New ”toys” in production

At Aquagain, we often take the lead. However, we also follow as the industry develops and the requirements become more stringent. We have purchased a new Yangli 250 tonnes x 4200 mm press brake with

DatoMay 2021

Sludge treatment in Skanderborg

The establishment of a new sludge treatment plant at the Skanderborg wastewater treatment plant is a story of successful collaboration and mutual professional respect. The client coordinated the proj

DatoApr 2021

Aquagain project draws a lot of attention in Norway

An ambitious project in Norway draws attention; Aquagain has assisted the company MIRA in establishing a new lime treatment plant. The lime treatment plant receives both external sludge from other tr

DatoApr 2021

Aquagain about to launch newsletter

You will soon have the opportunity to sign up for a newsletter from Aquagain. We have been in the industry for 65 years, resulting in vast experience and expertise, which we are happy to share. We wil

DatoMar 2021

Meet Aquagain’s new Engineering Manager

Martin Schytte Kronborg Laursen is Aquagain’s new Engineering Manager. He has an engineering and practical background as a trained woodcutting machinist, wood technician and later production technolog

DatoMar 2021

Gilleleje waste water treatment plant – It’s a big thing!

We are working hard on the Gilleleje sewage treatment plant which is an entirely new sewage treatment plant. We are nearing the end of the project which started in November 2019. Aquagain acquired th

DatoFeb 2021

Renovation of clarification tank at Stegholt waste water treatment plant

In the autumn, Aquagain renovated the clarification tank at the Stegholt sewage treatment plant which is part of Arwos in the municipality of Aabenraa. The mechanical equipment in the tank has been re

DatoFeb 2021

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

The Christmas holidays are upon us but, if you need us, our 24-hour service is open every day on telephone number +45 2323 3368. We look forward to embarking on 2021 which looks set to become an excit

DatoDec 2020

Reinforcements for our service and installation team

42-year-old Svend Christensen is Aquagain’s newest senior fitter. He had previously worked with large potable water tanks and expansion joints. Svend approaches his responsibilities as senior fitter w

DatoDec 2020

Aquagain appointed distributor and service partner | HUBER SE

From January 2021, Aquagain will be DISTRIBUTOR of and SERVICE PARTNER for HUBER SE products in Denmark – something that gives us great pride. Huber SE develops and manufactures high-quality machines

DatoDec 2020

Aquagain wants to save lives

In the event of a cardiac arrest, you cannot do anything wrong as long as you do something - anything is better than nothing. In the event of a cardiac arrest, a race against the clock starts and qui

DatoNov 2020

Fredericia wastewater treatment plant | Very large vertical paddle wheel flocculator delivered

11 months from start-up to delivery: Aquagain has just completed an exciting project at Fredericia wastewater treatment plant where, amongst other things, we replaced their vertical paddle wheel flocc

DatoOct 2020

Professionally solid senior installer

Aquagain in Brørup, Denmark seeks to employ a senior installer for projects in Denmark and Norway We really cannot run much faster and we are therefore looking for a professionally solid senior instal

DatoOct 2020

Hans Jørgen celebrated 40 years at Aquagain

On Friday 25 September, Hans Jørgen Mikkelsen celebrated his 40th anniversary at Aquagain. The big celebration was challenged by the assembly restrictions imposed by the authorities. However, through

DatoOct 2020

40th anniversary at Aquagain

On 25 September, we are very proud to celebrate Hans Jørgen Mikkelsen’s 40th anniversary at Aquagain. Hans Jørgen was employed as a blacksmith by Aquagain in 1980. Today, Hans Jørgen is a chief fitter

DatoSep 2020

The Aquagain Race – together apart

Like everything else, the traditional Aquagain Race is impacted by the present COVID-19 situation; the Race as we know it has been cancelled as it would be impossible to comply with the current guidel

DatoSep 2020

Aquagain appoints Engineering Manager

As of 3 August 2020, Jesper Højer has been appointed the Engineering Manager and Head of the Design Studio. Jesper is trained as a mechanical engineer with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineerin

DatoAug 2020

Søllested wastewater treatment plant handed over despite Covid-19

In the run-up to the summer holidays, Aquagain completed the 2nd stage of the modernisation of Søllested wastewater treatment plant. There has been excellent communication with the developer and cons

DatoAug 2020

A major project in Norway is close to completion

At the time of writing, Aquagain and our partners are well underway running-in the Monserud Treatment Plant - a brand-new and large treatment plant in Hønefoss close to Oslo. In addition to numerous

DatoJul 2020

10 biogas plants in Denmark

In collaboration with one of the country’s leading engineering and process companies in the field of upgrading biogas plants, Aquagain has just completed work on yet another plant. This is now our

DatoJul 2020

An old acquaintance becomes our new senior installer

Michael H. Hansen is the new chief fitter at Aquagain, but he is no stranger. Michael served his apprenticeship with us and qualified in December 2000. Therefore, we know Michael’s qualities and profe

DatoJun 2020

Fast delivery of 100-tonne flats

The most recent order from a large haulage contractor for 75 flats for space-saving and stable transporting of concrete elements will be delivered quickly and precisely by our Aquagain workshop. It to

DatoJun 2020

Design department trainee

Meet Karsten who is our trainee in the department for design and construction. He is currently training as a Technical Designer and will complete his training in August 2021.

DatoJun 2020

Additional solid experience joining our project department

On 2 June, Aquagain’s new project manager, Claus Alsted Larsen, started with us. He completed his Bachelor in Technical Management Offshore in 2008 at EA Vest, Esbjerg.

DatoJun 2020

Aquagain appoints BS

BS are the initials of our newest appointment in the design and construction department. His name is Bartek Sujak, and he graduated as a production technologist from Business Academy Southwest in 2014

DatoMay 2020

Aquagain strengthens its organization in Norway

It is with great pleasure that Aquagain can welcome Geir Kvalheim to the company. Geir is employed per. on September 1, 2019 as Country Manager for the Norwegian market.

DatoOct 2019

New treatment plant for drinking water | Kalundborg, Denmark

Aquagain has supplied and installed a complete water treatment plant for drinking water. The delivery and installation have covered all mechanical equipment, various process plants and associated forging work.

DatoApr 2019

Norway | New sewage treatment plant for Stjørdal Municipality

Aquagain has handed over a complete new sewage treatment plant (SARA) to Stjørdal Municipality in Norway. The project has included all deliveries and works in relation to a comprehensive installation of machines and equipment, as well as electrical work and control thereof, plus a complete design of the entire plant. This plant and project is the largest Aquagain to date has delivered and installed in Norway. The collaboration with both the client and their advisors has been extremely satisfying and very educational.

DatoApr 2019

BIOFOS, Copenhagen | Construction of 2 new digester tanks

Aquagain has participated in the construction of 2 new digester tanks at Biofos (Lynetten in Copenhagen), which is Denmark's largest treatment plant. Our contract has included the complete iron work and all machine deliveries as well as installation thereof. I.e. mixers, exchangers and pumps, valves and similar equipment. Mixers are supplied by our permanent partner Hermann Träxler Gmbh, in which Aquagain is the sole distributor of in Denmark and Norway.

DatoApr 2019

"State of the art" covers | The Kvaesthus project, Copenhagen

Aquagain has designed, constructed, assembled and installed 10 stainless steel covers for the Kvaesthus pier in Copenhagen. The covers are in cooperation with the customer and their advisors, designed just for this specific prestige project where exact design, quality, function and safety measures have been the focus. The covers are made of acid-proof stainless steel with special coating on the surface that matches the surroundings. The covers are also hydraulic and are controlled with a wireless remote. Something about the project: The Kvaesthus pier is 320 me

DatoOct 2016

Exhibition on VandTek | 20-22 September 2016

We are participating when the entire water and drainage industry meet at VandTek16 Come and visit us at stand no.: V 1028 A water universe consisting of exhibition, conferences and excursions that focus attention on network, inspiration as well as product and knowledge information. The exhibition will take place from 20-22 September 2016 in Lokomotivværkstedet (The Train Workshop), Copenhagen.

DatoOct 2016

Asia | Aquagain has again received an order from Vietnam

About two years ago Aquagain delivered the largest single order to a new customer in Vietnam. The customer is a major and professional operator in the Vietnamese market for equipment and systems for wastewater treatment, and just again their have selected Aquagain as their collaborator and supplier. This time the delivery concerns two complete trickling filters delivered in Vietnam.

DatoSep 2016

Aquagain took part at tomorrow’s WWTP by the energy-producing Egaa WWTP at Aarhus Vand A/S

Aquagain participated in the rebuilding of Egaa WWTP, to be both self-sufficient in energy and also provide green energy to the local residents in the form of district heating and power. Aquagain has conducted with various stainless and PE-pipes incl. design, manufacturing and assembly, as well as the complete aeration to Demon-tank system.

DatoSep 2016

Update of 4 clarifiers | Fredericia WWTP and Energy A/S

Aquagain has just completed the installation of new dual-motorized bridges with bottom and surface scraper together with associated motorized channel cost. In addition, there is also delivered and installed new tilting devices, wells, covers and various shelters, etc. The clarifiers has a diameter of 40 meters and Fredericia WWTP is Denmark's second largest wastewater treatment plants, and has a capacity of 420,000 PE We always take dialogue with the customer about their extraordinary wants; we adapt our standard solutions into their wants, in which our design and engineering department prepared a layout. After customer’s approval, we start the manufacturing, installation and the commissioned of the plants. User manuals, operation and maintenance manuals and parts list etc., included the usual documentation to ensure the customer a system of high quality, thereby also ensuring the customer a safe and valid operating daily.

DatoSep 2016

Sledges for the transport of concrete elements | construction building industry

Aquagain has once again delivered a series of steel sledges for the transportation of precast concrete for the construction building industry. These units are designed in collaboration with the customer and their wishes etc. Furthermore, the units are manufactured in a high quality standard and of course the order is delivered on time.

DatoSep 2016

Norway | New sludge dewatering system for the Municipality at Notodden, Ramsflog WWTP

Once again, a strong project in Norway of high quality. Aquagain has just completed the work in connection with an upgrade of the sludge dewatering system at Ramsflog WWTP.

DatoSep 2016

We exhibit at the Wastewater Event 2016, September 7th

The Wastewater Association East is again holding the traditional "Wastewater Event". This year the exhibition takes place at Helsinge WWTP on the address; Skovgårdsvej 1, 3200 Helsinge, Denmark. The exhibition will be held Wednesday, September the 7 between 9:30 to 2:30 pm. True to tradition, there will be served a light meal about 11:30 for members, guests and exhibitors.

DatoSep 2016

Summer holiday 2016

In the coming weeks 29, 30 and 31 we do operate with decreased intensity, both in our factory, in our head office and on the Norwegian sales office. Already scheduled tasks according mutual agreements will be carried out, and our 24-hours service team is ready throughout the summer by acute needs, assistances and repairs. The online service is also open 24-hours throughout the summer.

DatoJul 2016

The Aquagain run race in Broerup, 2016

On September the 4, 2016 at 10 o'clock, do the run race begin for the whole family. Meet up at the company's address, Vælding Bjergvej 4 - 6650 Broerup, take your family and friends with you, as there are jogging and walking challenges that matches everyone's needs and abilities. The arranger is Broerup Running Club and the local Scouts in Broerup. Registration can be done at Broerup Running Club's website www.broerup-loebeklub.dk On the website you also can find more relevant information about the event and so on.

DatoJun 2016

Opening of Frederikssund WWTP after modernization

Aquagain has conducted the blacksmiths and machine contract including installation according to the modernization of Frederikssund WWTP, Where there is installed a new compact plant with process and ARP tanks (Active Return Sludge Process).

DatoJun 2016

Aquagain has become a member of the association Danish Environmental Technology

With this membership, we feel us well informed and we feel us very strongly represented in relation to the political agendas and so on. At the same time we hope for a solid network with opportunities for qualified sparring. The association purposes: Danish Environmental Technology aims to set a new agenda for Danish environmental policy. An agenda which is about innovation and technology to ensure clean environment to the world. And an agenda where Denmark leads the way with new advanced solutions to global environmental problems. Both to ensure clean water, clean air and rich nature for ourselves and our posterity and to contribute to global environmental sustainability. Danish Environmental Technology are therefore working for a modern and forward-looking environmental policy - with strict environmental standards and active participation in international environmental cooperation, a green market economy with environmentally correct prices and a world-class study and research.

DatoJun 2016

New water jet cutting machine

Aquagain gets delivered and installed a new water jet cutting machine the 1 of July 2016. This means that our flexibility compared to our projects increases, in which we also in future will be able to offer water jet cutting to customers who may have such needs. The machine type is a Flow Mach 2, 2031b and will be operational by the end of July. We can therefore offer water jet cutting in the following materials:

DatoJun 2016

Aquagain exhibits at the Waste Water Treatment Associations Annual Meeting 2016

We exhibit as usual at the annual meeting on Friday, June 10th, this time at Hedensted Spildevand. The exhibition takes place at Hedensted WWTP, Ørumvej 48, 8721 Daugaard in Denmark. Also this year, there will be pancakes for everyone, so come and have a talk with our sales and project staff as well as our service team.

DatoJun 2016

New department and a new Head of Department - Aquagain is now permanently established in Norway

In continuation to Aquagains strategic plans relating to the Norwegian market, we now are established with a permanent office in Oslo. The daily management of the department will be handled by Lars Buer, who is recruited from May 2016 as Head of Department. After various market research, a clear "go-to-market" strategy, we have succeeded to enter into significant contracts in Norway, in which now stated the basis for a permanent presence. The department means, that we can serve current and future customers, from the subsidiarity principle, which is an important part of Aquagains culture to which the customers always will have a feeling of security and a peace of mind in relation to collaboration.

DatoMay 2016

Serial production - 150 tons handled steel delivered on time

Aquagain has just delivered a series of 100 pieces of steel construction units for transportation of precast concrete for the construction building industry. The order is delivered to the largest carrier of road transport in Denmark. And the order is completed in 50 working days after the layout and finalized design has been developed together with the customer on the basis of their wishes and requirements. A short execution time, high quality and an acceptable price level were clear customer demands in addition to a desire for a professional approach in the design phase, underpin Aquagains strong competitiveness in the fields of industrial solutions. All of these parameters are met to the customer's full expectation and satisfaction.

DatoMay 2016

BIG SIZE - Canal pump tubes

Aquagain delivers 5 stainless canal pump tubes to the pump supplier for the climate project sluice and pumping plant in the center of Vejle City. The climate project is to ensure commercial and residential along the river in the central part of Vejle City, thus increasing water by storm and when it rains, example by torrential rain dissipated appropriate without flooding.

DatoMay 2016

Steel for the industry - on time delivery

Aquagain has just delivered a series of steel construction units for transportation of precast concrete for the construction building industry. These units are designed in collaboration with the customer and their wishes etc. Furthermore, the units are manufactured in a high quality standard and of course the order is delivered on time.

DatoApr 2016

Our high quality is now visible

Aquagain do participants in larger and larger and more complex projects, both nationally and internationally. This means that the requirements for internal inspection never have been more essential and significant than now. Therefore we make a totally internal inspection of all units which is a part of a project, to which the topics now also are labeled with manufacturer, welder's initials and the initials of the person who carried out the control of the subject plus the topics identifications number (part number).

DatoApr 2016

New forces to our design and construction department

Eva V. Wollesen are in March 2016 hired as a technical designer. Eva graduated as a technical designer back in 2007. In the period up to now She has worked at several renowned companies, for example Ramboell Oil and Gas, Hydropower and MacArtney. In addition, Eva have also worked as a teacher for upcoming technnical designers.

DatoApr 2016

Norway | Aquagain exhibits in Oslo - April 19 - 21, 2016

Aquagain exhibits at the fair, Miljø & Teknikk 2016 - April 19 - 21, Telenor Arena, Fornebu - Oslo. Meet us at the fair stand, no. 135 Read more; www.kommunalteknikk2016.no

DatoApr 2016

Ireland - powerful pressure unit | tested at 48 bar

Aquagain has delivered a heavy pressure process vessel to Ireland in order for a highly professional and international developer of process plants and semilar equipment to the biogas area. Aquagain have participated in development, conducted production and installation in Ireland. The unit is delivered construction tested acc. existing legislation concerning high pressure vessels and equipments, including CE labeling and the associated underlying documentation.

DatoApr 2016

Grindsted WWTP - aeration contract

Aquagain installed new aeration at Grindsted waste water plant for Billund Vand A/S. For the task has been used the newly developed JetFlex SD strip diffuser (SD Series) from Jäger Umvelt-Technik GmbH. The contract has provided new aeration and associated piping, mechanical equipment and components, etc.

DatoApr 2016

Mini - process unit | biogas

Aquagain has just finished a mini-process unit to an international developer of process equipment in order to the field og biogas. The process unit is delivered construction tested acc. existing legislation concerning high pressure equipment, including CE labeling and the associated underlying documentation.

DatoApr 2016

Exclusive dealership of diffusers from Jäger Umwelt-Technik GmbH

After more than a decade of collaboration with the diffuser manufacturer Jäger Umwelt-Technik GmbH in Germany, where their products are installed in a numerous of our projects, we now entered into a closer cooperation, where Aquagain now enters as the main and exclusive distributor in Danmark and Norway of their unique program of diffusers.

DatoApr 2016

Norway - extension af Monserud WWTP

Aquagain just completed the work i connection to the extension of Monserud WWTP for Ringerike Kommune in Norway. The project has included the changes around the relocation of existing dewater machinery with associated new pumps, piping and the handling af residues from the machinery, containers, etc.

DatoApr 2016

Fredericia Spildevand og Energi A/S - new flash tank 35.000L

Aquagain has designed, manufactured and installed a new 35.000 liters flash tank to a thermal hydrolysis plant on Fredericia WWTP for Fredericia Spildevand og Energi A/S The flash tank is made of duplex steel W 1.4462 and subsequently isolated. The tank is designed for an operating pressure of 3,0 bar and various relevant controls, tests, etc. with related documentation in relation to the CE labeling for high pressure equipment are provided.

DatoApr 2016

Skagen WWTP - aeration contract

Aquagain installed new aeration at Skagen waste water plant for Frederikshavn Forsyning A/S. For the task has been used the newly developed JetFlex SD strip diffuser (SD Series) from Jäger Umvelt-Technik GmbH.

DatoApr 2016

Engmosen WWTP - renovating

Aquagain have participated in the renovating of Engmosen WWTP for Guldborgsund Forsyning A/S in collaboration with a Danish contractor.

DatoApr 2016

Horslunde WWTP - expansion

Aquagain has participated in the expansion of Horslunde treatmant plant (stage 2) to Lolland Forsyning A/S. Our contract among others contained the process tank, the secondary clarifie tank and various traditional wells and structures, etc.

DatoApr 2016

Sludge cooler - conveyor

Aquagain has participated in the development of a belt conveyor for cooling af sludge. The order is carried out for one of the world's leading developers of systems for process handling of sludge. In addition to developing and manufacturing, Aquagain had also been responsible for the installation in Germany.

DatoApr 2016

New determined project manager

Annitta Olsen was employed as project manager at the beginning of 2016. She brings a solid background, i.a. with a background as a trained machinist and then a mechanical technician specializing in operating technology and construction.

DatoApr 2016

Another strong employee with a bright head

In line with an increased demand for the company's products and services, we have just added another bright head to our sales department, by hiring Laila Zenia Munk per 1 October 2015. As a technical salesperson, Laila will always be welcoming and helpful.

DatoApr 2016

New faces in the design department

Aquagain consolidates its design and construction department by recruiting Alice Aaes Helle as a techinal designer and Stina Lindholm as technical designer student

DatoDec 2015

Solid top access covers to HOFOR, the Danish capital utility company

Aquagain deliver new solid top access covers to Åmarkens pump station in Hvidovre (Denmark), which is under restoration and extension, to reduce the risk of floods caused by cloudbursts. The solid top covers are heavy duty designed for use in areas with moving traffic, hot dip galvanized and with safety grate and railing. And otherwise comply with the customer's specific requirements and demands. HOFOR is known as a quality proven and discerning purchaser, who puts massive demands to the deliveries and the collaboration in its entirety.

DatoDec 2014

New plant to the largest cattle slaughterhouse in northern Europe

To Danish Crown's new cattle slaughterhouse in Denmark, Aquagain has delivered and installed a complete industrial pre-treatment plant When the slaughterhouse is finally driven in, shall it handle the slaughtering of 4.500 animals within a week. This corresponds to approximately the half of all cattle slaughtered per week in Denmark There must be slaughtered 110 animals per hour, and it is twice as many as the Danish Crown’s current cattle slaughterhouse There should be boned about 10.000 quartered animals per week, or the equivalent of 500 animals a day

DatoNov 2014

Summer holidays 2014

The factory and office are closed for the summer holidays in weeks 30 and 31. Already planned tasks are carried out as agreed, and our 24-hour service department is open throughout the summer for urgent needs, assistance and repairs etc.

DatoJun 2014

Aquagain exhibits at the Wastewater Technical Association's annual meeting 2014

As usual, we exhibit at the annual meeting, Friday 13 June, this time at Forsyningen Frederikshavn. The exhibition takes place on "Knivholtpladsen" right next to the old and historic manor house, Knivholt Hovedgård. Visit us in tent no. 5, stand no. 47 (Hjørringvej 180, 9900 Frederikshavn)

DatoJun 2014

New strong project employee with a solid structural approach

Aquagain has hired Rasmus Møldrup Heesche as project manager, per 1 June 2014. Rasmus adds important knowledge and solid experience with e.g. design in 3D. He has a very strong and structured approach to contract and project management, with great focus on detail, without neglecting the whole, he knows a project's "Life Cycle" and understands the handling of all stakeholders' needs.

DatoMay 2014

Aquagain's website must live up to your expectations

Aquagain's website must meet your expectations, regardless of whether you are a customer, potential customer or one of the many who are interested in Aquagain and the business areas we work with. The aim of the content on Aquagain's website is to show and prove what we are and what we can do. What you see and read lives up to Aquagain's Vision, Mission and Values, and we put effort into everything we work with.

DatoJan 2014

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