The firm is founded in 1956, when Karl Skjøth establishes the smithy Folding Smed.

Karl is an enterprising metalworker and quick becomes known and acknowledged in the agricultural sector for his top-quality work. At the same time, Karl's wife Petra founds a laundry. She invests in her first washing machine and provides laundry services for local households, while also helping in the smithy. As the family gradually grows, sons are given jobs in the smithy and grow up in their father's footsteps to the sound of hammer on anvil.     

The metalworking business expands. Karl develops the business and begins to engineer efficient machinery customised for the concrete industry. Things really take off. Success breeds success, and the firm invests in new employees and new machinery. Karl is a little "old-fashioned", and won't invest on borrowed money.

The firm continues to grow, and becomes involved in a new business area. Karl helps build the local waste water treatment plant. It's an exciting challenge that Karl embarks on with passion and vigour as it involves the development and production of new, environmentally friendly methods of waste water treatment. At the end of the 70s, Karl takes the important decision that the firm will focus on further development of environmentally friendly waste water management systems.

The business grows and becomes renowned throughout most of Denmark. One treatment plant after the other is designed, built and serviced. New advances are made, both technological and geographical, new employees hired, new machines bought and new customers gained.

It is only natural that Petra and Karl's son and daughter-in-law, Aslak and Helle, take over the metalworking business.

Aslak takes a professional approach, implementing new market-oriented methods, and sees new development possibilities beyond the country's borders. It is now that the firm becomes known as Aquagain. This name is used for marketing purposes and is added to the firm's original name to form the new company name: Aquagain – Folding Smed A/S.

Aquagain rises to the task, both at home and abroad. Bigger and bigger plants are designed, built and serviced. Systematised professionalism ensures that all customer wishes and requirements are fulfilled.

Aquagain builds and inaugurates a modern new factory. The company grows, with new employees and more new machinery. New technologies and efficient new methods ensure that the solutions, products and services supplied create maximum value for customers.

Aquagain founds Aquagain Service, a service division with a specialist team that focuses on offering customers top-quality maintenance, repair, acute assistance and general service + a sales office established in Norway.

Aquagain continues to grow, providing extensive know-how and solid experience that creates value for customers and fulfils their expectations. Aquagain – Folding Smed A/S continues to be owned by the Skjøth family.

The future
Aquagain's Vision, Mission and Values have a clear link back to 1956, when the firm was founded and every effort was made to do things well. That's an aim we'll continue to pursue.

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