Aquagain is Aslak

Aslak Skjøth - Aquagain's CEO would prefer to be called "Business Manager", because he is far too unpresuming to call himself CEO.

The story of Aslak and Aquagain has already been told.

Aslak is the 2nd generation in the company, which was founded in 1956 by Karl Skjøth (Aslak's father). Aslak was employed in 1986, and in 1993 he took over the company, near Vejen, in full, after which it has grown from 7 to more than 60 employees since the takeover.

6 quick facts about Aslak

Aslak is married to Helle and they have the children Rikke, Charlotte and Pernille - and the number of grandchildre is steadily increasing. Aslak gets involved! Among other things he's on the main board, the business- ande education committee in the organization TEKNIQ Arbejdsgiverne. You have to get up very eraly if you want to be in the office befor Aslak. He is always the first one there. In 2021/22, Aslak participated in the TV show "Alene i vildmarken" with his daughter Rikke. They almost won, but Aslak suffered acute kidney failure and they had to withdraw last minute. Aslak has completely recovered. Aslak's favorite way to spend tine off includes an older cottage, DIY total revamp and lots of hours of manual labor. Aslak has run quite a few half, full and beach marathons. Todya he runs at na exercise level.

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