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Aquagain engages employees who value and live up to our own and our customers' wishes and requirements concerning quality and environmental policy. We also ensure to the greatest possible extent that all phases of our work are performed rationally and with due consideration of the working environment, assuring a secure and safe workplace for our employees. Aquagain meets all Danish norms and regulations dealing with health, safety and the environment. To these we add our own high standards and requirements, and teach our employees to understand and fulfil all requirements on responsibility.

Working environment:
We want our employees to experience a pleasant and safe working environment, expressed as a workplace climate characterised by job satisfaction, creativity, development and a willingness both to work flexibly and to help prevent occupational injury and illness as well as accidents and near-miss incidents.

Values in employment relations:
Human resource management (HRM) is a discipline in which every effort is made to integrate the needs and resources of each individual employee in the work to be done. Aquagain management makes every effort to add values to employment relations and to make things simple and easy to understand.

The partnership between personnel and management is down-to-earth, honest and well defined. Employees make every effort to do things well and to support Aquagain's Mission and Vision while respecting the company's Values (link). Thanks to the firm's flat organisational structure, achieving results is quick and easy.

At Aquagain, we do what we say and we say what we do. A deal is a deal and we always keep our promises. Communication is open and honest, not only within the firm but also in relation to customers, business partners and the outside world.

We enjoy accepting new challenges. We are bold but realistic in our thoughts and actions. Boldness goes hand in hand with know-how and forethought. New ideas are welcome, matched with technical know-how, experience and sound finance.

Trust and respect
We treat our customers, partners and staff with trust and respect when we carry joint/agreed responsibility and pursue common objectives.

Freedom to innovate
Aquagain is open-minded in thought and action. There is therefore plenty of room for customers, partners and staff to be enterprising, creative and innovative.

Job satisfaction is very important to Aquagain staff. We take pride in the things we do and in the objectives we fulfil together with customers.

At Aquagain, we never stop challenging ourselves to create better solutions. We take pride in providing quality, efficiency and values that are appreciated by customers.

Aquagain intends to be a company that develops and grows in step with opportunities and needs in the short and long term. That's how it's been ever since the firm was founded in 1956, and that's how it'll continue in future. As a result, we're (almost) always strengthening our staff with additional skilled employees who have the competencies we need in the short- and long-term situation.

  • Speculative applications
    You are always welcome to submit an application, even when there are no current vacancies. Perhaps you're just the person we need, now or in the near future. We'll contact you if we think your application looks promising.

  • Advertised vacancies
    Besides always advertising vacancies on the Aquagain website, Aquagain advertises for new employees for vacant positions in relevant media. Advertisements specifically describe the job in question and the employee we seek.

We treat all applications seriously, no matter whether you submit an unsolicited application or reply to a job advertisement. Applications should be sincere and contain all relevant personal details, a complete CV and a reason for why we should employ you.

Applications should be sent to our postal address or via email to: info@aquagain.dk

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