Project Management

Project management is an important core service at Aquagain, where accountability and orderliness are absolutely essential.

The project management office is inherently the heart of the company and the place that gives projects a pulse and pumps life into drawings from the design office, creating activity in production, which is put together on the building sites where projects take shape and are commissioned.

Our project managers become involved in a project following contract signature. Here, the project is handed over from the sales department to the individual project manager, for whom the project cycle (schedule), technical details, any missing customer clarifications, handling of in-house production, subcontractors and suppliers, as well as assembly and installation work are worked out in detail. All coordination is handled by the project manager.

The project manager is the client's primary contact at Aquagain throughout the project. The project manager handles, in positive dialogue with the client, all aspects of the project. The project manager ensures a reliable and efficient project execution with an eye for the process, functionality, technical details and an overview of the project as a whole.

The project manager guarantees that the contract and tender documents are complied with and it results in a high level of quality.

We have very strong professional profiles in our project management office who are project managers with both management training and decades of hands on experience from the industry segments. 

Although project managers have full responsibility for their own projects, there is close collaboration across the project management office with discussions and back up from colleagues. The years of shared experience come into play and benefit all projects across the organisation.

Aquagain is involved in projects as a general and turnkey contractor, as a supplier of forging and machine parts, and as a component supplier.

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