Declaration of Commitment to Diversity at Aquagain

We need talented people with solid skills regardless of age, gender, educational background, work experience, functional level, cultural background, sexual orientation, gender identity, appearance, body size, religion or political beliefs.

We firmly believe that equality and diversity among our employees increase the company's competitiveness. At the same time, our benefits and services must be accessible to all people in a fair way.

We are careful not to discriminate and offer worse terms to current or potential employees through unconscious bias.

We work consciously and openly for an inclusive and diverse workplace. The diversity of our people is often the hotbed of new ideas and evolving solutions.

At Aquagain, all people should be treated with respect, equality, dialogue and trust, ensuring that our values apply to everyone - also in practice.

Some people with disabilities, other cultural backgrounds and LGBTQ+ people, especially young people, experience harassing behaviour in the labour market with severe psychological consequences. We will do everything we can to make sure that nobody is subjected to this at Aquagain.

At Aquagain, we want everyone to be treated with respect and experience the company as an inclusive workplace where everyone is equal and has the same opportunity to be part of the community.

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