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The head office and our factory are located in Brørup, Denmark.

Here we currently have. 3500 m2 under roof, where our production is divided, so ordinary black steel and stainless steel are separated from each other in separate workshops.

In addition, we have a machine hall, where we, among other things. can cut, bend, water jet cut and saw etc. There are separate saw lines, so that black and stainless steel are also separated here.

We have a relevant machine park i.a. we have a 4.2 meter machine shears, a new 4.2 meter edge press - both with modern controls, as well as a water jet cutter that cuts seamlessly in all types of material.

The machine park is expanded and updated continuously.

Our production staff are all skilled blacksmiths who are competent and able to adapt to new tasks, which is necessary because the tasks and production are very varied and therefore require great flexibility, professionalism, high and versatile skills from each employee.

Furthermore, all production staff have relevant welding certificates and are used to working according to current instructions and WPS's.

Our skilled blacksmiths are part of project teams, where their knowledge and experience come into play and contribute to the high quality of each project.

In Aquagain's production, a good tone prevails in an informal working environment where safety, well-being, quality and flexibility are strong values.

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