Hermann Träxler

Your dealer and service partner in Denmark of Hermann Träxler's Draft Tube Mixer.

Draft Tube Mixers have the task to mix the sludge in digesters of sewage treatment plants in order to achieve a perfect yield of digester gas.

During this process, the content of the digester tank is homogenised. It avoids large differences in temperature and composition.

Träxler technology is suitable for all types of digester tanks. It is robust and it has been tried and proved in practical applications for many years. Draft tube mixer TMA is ATEX-approved.

Advantages of Träxler's Draft Tube Mixer:

  • No sediment formation

  • No scum formation

  • Up to twice the yield of digester gas

  • Less residual sludge, faster drying, lower disposal costs

  • A higher sludge througput rate, less throughput time

  • Short amortisation time for Draft Tube Mixer

  • 24-hour on-call service

  • Aquagain and Hermann Träxler support construction planners and engineering firms if they are planning new systems

  • Likewise, Aquagain's service technicians are trained to service the mixers.

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