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Aquagain at STF's 24-Hour Course in Kolding: Sustainable Wastewater Treatment in Focus

Last weekend, Aqugain proudly participated in STF's 24-Hour Conference "Døgnkursus" in Kolding, where we had the opportunity to share our knowledge about sustainable wastewater treatment. Our booth served as a meeting point for engaged participants, and we are grateful for the many inspiring conversations we had with all of you.

We would like to thank Peter Grønbjerg, our partner from PyroDry, for his engaging presentation that attracted a large and attentive audience. Peter delved into the latest developments in sustainable wastewater treatment and demonstrated pyrolysis as an extremely efficient method to convert wastewater sludge into valuable resources.

The commitment and curiosity of our participants were encouraging, and it is clear that there is a strong interest in sustainable solutions in wastewater treatment. Together, we are working towards a greener future!

Thanks to all who visited our booth and attended Peter Grønbjerg's presentation. Your interest and support motivate us to continue our work with innovative and sustainable methods for wastewater treatment.

Stay tuned with Aqugain for more information and updates on our efforts to improve the environment and create a sustainable future.

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