Aquagain project draws a lot of attention in Norway

An ambitious project in Norway draws attention; Aquagain has assisted the company MIRA in establishing a new lime treatment plant.

The lime treatment plant receives both external sludge from other treatment plants as well as sludge from internal production.

When the sludge is mixed with lime, a chemical reaction occurs and the sludge reaches a temperature of at least 65 degrees, a process which stabilises and sanitises the sludge before it is applied to farmland.

Aquagain has supplied the lime silo, the funnel for external sludge reception, auger system, lime sludge mixer and the electrical cabinet for the above equipment, including controls, was also supplied by Aquagain.

We have been responsible for the production of drawings, on-site welding assembly, as well as coordination with external suppliers as well as the commissioning. 

The project has drawn a lot of attention in Norway.

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