Aquagain promotes sustainable water treatment with major project in Bergen

As a leading provider of environmentally friendly water and energy solutions, Aquagain has just signed a significant contract with Bergen Vann for the machinery and process engineering at Espeland VBA

This contract encompasses extensive work at the Espeland water treatment plant, located in the heart of Bergen municipality. The substantial contract sum underscores the importance of this project, representing a milestone for Aquagain.

(From left) CEO of Aquagain, Aslak Skjøth, and Director of Bergen Vann, Magnar Sekse, performing the obligatory handshake during a visit to Bergen Vann on May 22-23, 2024.

The ambitious expansion and upgrade of the Espeland water treatment plant is a very large project—even for Aquagain. We are proud of the trust placed in us and look forward to demonstrating that we have the skills and expertise to successfully undertake this task.

The project aims to ensure clean and safe drinking water for the local community while increasing the capacity and efficiency of the new water treatment plant. In close collaboration with the project's other participants, Aquagain will ensure that the Espeland water treatment plant achieves outstanding results in efficiency, sustainability, and water quality.

The project includes the implementation of a new water treatment process, including the removal of pesticides from the raw water from the lake Svartavatnet. Additionally, the maximum water production will be increased from 67,000 cubic meters to an impressive 80,000 cubic meters per day. As an extra feature, the Espeland hydropower plant will be optimized.

View through the pipe tunnel.

(From left) Advisor Martin Meltzer from Asplan Viak, Aquagain CEO Aslak Skjøth, and Head of Department for Aquagain Norway, Andreas Smedsrud, reviewing existing installations for renovation.

Auagain’s commitment to this project underscores our dedication to delivering innovative and reliable water treatment solutions. We look forward to demonstrating our expertise and ability to meet even the most demanding technical requirements in the industry.

This groundbreaking contract strengthens Aquagain’s position as a reliable partner for municipalities and industrial companies seeking sustainable water and energy solutions. With our unique expertise and commitment to environmentally friendly methods, Aquagain will continue to be a leading force in future water treatment technology.

Espeland VBA is being built in very scenic surroundings, and great emphasis is placed on protecting nature during construction. All natural areas around the water treatment plant will be restored to their original state after construction is completed.

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