Ikastrenseanlæg Linak

Efficient Operation Optimization by Aquagain and Linak at Ikast Wastewater Treatment Plant

We are truly pleased to have assisted Ikast Wastewater Treatment Plant in refining its operations by introducing LINAK actuators. Under the leadership of our service manager, Rune Christiansen, we have spearheaded the project and delivered a solution that not only addresses technical challenges but also significantly enhances operational efficiency.

From the outset, it was evident that a more reliable and robust solution was needed to adjust the gates on the process tank. Therefore, we recommended LINAK actuators to tackle the challenge.

And the results speak for themselves: Ikast Wastewater Treatment Plant has already experienced the positive changes with the new installation – from increased stability and reduced downtime to anticipated savings in service costs in the future.

This project has not only strengthened our collaboration with Ikast Wastewater Treatment Plant but also reaffirmed Aquagain's commitment to delivering the industry's best solutions. We are deeply grateful for the trust placed in us by Ikast Wastewater Treatment Plant and look forward to continuing to deliver innovative and reliable solutions to our customers in the wastewater industry.

Read Linak's case on the project (in Danish)

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