Christoffer og Søren

EUX at Aquagain

Aquagain feels considerable responsibility for the provision of apprenticeships, and to train skilled workers.

It also means a lot to us to give our employees the chance and room to improve and follow their interests. We're quite happy to adapt the business and job functions to our employees, to ensure that it's the people at Aquagain that make the company, and not the other way around.

There's room at Aquagain to grow, and to change direction. You can start as a floor sweeper, but become a metalworker, foreman, senior installer, technical designer, project manager etc., all depending on where your own dreams takes you.

It's therefore totally in line with our philosophy that our two newest metalwork apprentices Christoffer Nielsen and Søren Dybbroe Thews are EUX apprentices, The EUX programme gives them a recognised qualification, a student cap and almost unlimited opportunities for further education.

Christoffer and Søren combine their trade apprenticeship within metalwork with upper secondary education. The EUX programme runs for 4 years, and consists of an introductory course, followed by the main course, and is designed as a general trade qualification. It contains practical experience and full classroom-based tuition from the trade qualification, but the compulsory and optional subjects are replaced by upper secondary subjects.

Aquagain ensures that these two young men (and all our apprentices) try their hand throughout our production department, are trained thoroughly in the various areas of metalworking, and are accompanied by a senior installer for the highly varied installation jobs.

Christoffer and Søren have both opted for the EUX programme after a spell at continuation school, because they both want to keep the opportunity of further education open. But another thing they also have in common is the choice of the metalworker apprenticeship is due to their enjoyment of working with their hands.

Søren grew up in the countryside on his father's farm, where he always enjoyed helping, including in the workshop for repairs and welding. Even though farming has a big place in Søren's heart, he went for the metalworker apprenticeship because he wants to make his own way, and have a solid trade platform he can build upon.

Christoffer is following in his grandfather's footsteps, even though he thinks that may not be all that easy, because his grandfather is a highly-skilled metalworker and they've spent many hours together, during which experience and craftsmanship have been passed down between the generations. Christoffer's grandfather must be very special, because he managed to plant the seed of interest in metalworking in Christoffer. The choice of apprenticeship was therefore relatively easy for him, although he is also supplementing the basic apprenticeship with EUX to be able to study further if he so desires.

Christoffer and Søren are both already skilled and eager to learn apprenticeships, and we look forward to training them further in the wastewater industry, and should they ever wish to change direction, there will always be room for them at Aquagain.

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