Fredericia (1)
Fredericia 1 (1)

Fredericia Spildevand og Energi A/S - new flash tank 35.000L

Aquagain has designed, manufactured and installed a new 35.000 liters flash tank to a thermal hydrolysis plant on Fredericia WWTP for Fredericia Spildevand og Energi A/S

The flash tank is made of duplex steel W 1.4462 and subsequently isolated. The tank is designed for an operating pressure of 3,0 bar and various relevant controls, tests, etc. with related documentation in relation to the CE labeling for high pressure equipment are provided.

Aquagain are in possession of relevant skills in relation to the design and manufacturing of high pressure vessels and equipment, including our own technical department, competent professionals with the right welding certifcations and relevant WPS and WPQR

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