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*Highlight - HUBER Screenings Wash Press WAP/SL

The HUBER Screenings Wash Press WAP/SL is a very strong solution that we have had really good experience with.

HUBER WAP/SL ensures:

  • Very clean screenings due to high-intensity washing in launder tank
  • Dewatering performance up to 50 % DR
  • Volume, weight and disposal cost reduction by up to 85 %
  • Screenings throughput capacity of up to 6 m3/h
  • Return of carbon-rich filtrate to the wastewater
  • Screened wastewater or process water can be used as wash water
  • Completely encased unit, no odour nuisance


HUBER Screenings Wash Press WAP/SL

Find more information, specifications and data sheets on our website.

WAP-SL Screenings Wash Press at Novafos' Skovshoved Pumping Station

We have installed two WAP-SL Screenings Wash Presses at Novafos' Skovshoved Pumping Station, which has undergone a major renovation in recent years.

Unfortunately, it turned out that during heavy rains, huge amounts of surface water would come in and the new screenings did not have the right capacity.

Aquagain started by dismantling a large number of existing components. With respect to the economy and climate, careful consideration was given as to which components were to be recycled or repurposed.

The solution to the challenges at Skovshoved was the delivery and installation of the two WAP/SL with mixers that wash the screenings in the washing chamber (hopper). Flush water is unfiltered wastewater from the pressure tower

We avoid the risk of clogging by supplying DN 80 pipes with flush water, which is then filled and a washing cycle is run. The powerful washing process effectively removes fecal matter and other organic material from the screenings. This process also helps to ensure a high dry matter content. The solution is optimal as we do not have treated wastewater available and thereby save on town water. As a result, there are no small valves that clog.

Once a day, the drainage zone is flushed for 30 seconds using a 1.5" solenoid valve mounted on each Screenings Wash Press. This water is taken from the existing airgap installation.

At Skovshoved, the washed screenings from the screenings wash press is pressed into a press tube and fed via this into two horizontal conveyors that can reverse and here, you choose which container is filled.

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