Aquagain Service

Aquagain Service is an independent division of Aquagain that provides a unique service concept with highly qualified professionals who can solve complex and highly varied tasks.

You will receive a non-binding proposal for a plan and cooperation that ensures qualified service for your assignment.

At the same time, you will receive our recommendations that can be implemented in the short or long term to ensure the quality and operation of your plant.

A small selection of types of tasks that Aquagain Service solves:

Renovation of six inlet screens; HUBER

Biofos Damhusåen has six HUBER Belt Screen EscaMax® from 2009, which Aquagain Service has renovated.

The renovation was carried out in stages to minimise the impact on daily operations. The screens have thus been closed down for renovation on a rotating basis. Before the start of the project, Aquagain Service carried out a thorough inspection, which ensured an efficient and smooth renovation.

Holger Suhr Pedersen, Process Manager for Damhusåen, states: "I am delighted with the work Aquagain Service did for us. They provided with everything that was needed and were very independent. During the repair, Aquagain Service arranged for experts from HUBER to come in and ensure that all machine parts, including the controls, were continually updated to the latest possible version. The result speaks for itself. "

The renovation has significantly increased the efficiency of the screens, sorting 40 tonnes more from april to august than the same period last year. That means many fewer tonnes to be removed manually and sent for incineration.

Relocation of neutralisation plant

A large industrial customer in the food sector was undergoing an expansion of their production, where the existing wastewater building was unsuitable in relation to the new construction and presented some rather time-sensitive challenges.

In close cooperation with the customer and the consultant, Aquagain's service division worked out a solution that guaranteed the customer minimal downtime of the neutralisation plant, which handles 2,200 m3 of production wastewater per day.

The solution ended up being the prefabrication at our factory of a complete and permanent neutralisation plant in a 40-foot container with aesthetically pleasing facade cladding. The complete transfer of the function of the neutralisation plant was, as a result, completed in just five working days.

Operational reliability at Smukfest

Since 2017, Aquagain has sent service technicians to the music festival, Smukfest - not to party, enjoy music and drink draught beer, but to manage the drainage from approximately 50,000 festival-goers.

Aquagain Service has a service agreement with Smukfest and Skanderborg Forsyning regarding the supervision and care of the festival's and the utility's most strained pumping stations.

It goes without saying that the system experiences a high load concentrated across a short period, and a breakdown during the festival must be handled quickly. Aquagain Service takes care of all alarms and regularly checks pumping stations during operation to maintain a high level of operational reliability for Skanderborg Forsyning and, not least, all the guests at the Smukfest music festival.


2-year framework agreement

For Aalborg Forsyning, we have made a 2-year framework agreement, which is adapted to their needs and wishes. Aquagain Service performs ad hoc service, maintenance, minor mechanical projects, and safety measures.

The agreement ensures Aalborg Forsyning minimal response time in case of breakdowns and a close dialogue with Aquagain's service division and between the plant's operational staff and our service technicians.


Sales, Service and Spare Parts

Aquagain is a dealer for Huber, Jäger and Träxler and is also a recognised service partner. As a result, our service teams also perform all types of service on machines and equipment from the three reknowned brands.

Support within 24 hours

  • Quick online support and answers to all your questions
  • Training in the use of machinery and plant
  • Instruction in doing fitting and installation work yourself

Advantages of Aquagain Service

First of all, Aquagain Service provides professional help through employees with many years of experience.

In addition, we offer:

  • Fast and efficient repair work
  • Acute assistance
  • Preventive service
  • Construction of and smithing at biogas plants
  • Construction of and smithing at dairies and slaughterhouses

We service wastewater treatment plants, biogas plants, pumping stations, dairies, slaughterhouses and industrial plants. It can be the whole plant or separate units:

  • Preparation
  • Sand trap / grease scraper system
  • Process tanks
  • Sludge concentrator
  • Sludge treatment
  • Transport systems

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