Danish Crown 1 Medium
Danish Crown 2 Medium

New plant to the largest cattle slaughterhouse in northern Europe

To Danish Crown's new cattle slaughterhouse in Denmark, Aquagain has delivered and installed a complete industrial pre-treatment plant

When the slaughterhouse is finally driven in, shall it handle the slaughtering of 4.500 animals within a week. This corresponds to approximately the half of all cattle slaughtered per week in Denmark

There must be slaughtered 110 animals per hour, and it is twice as many as the Danish Crown’s current cattle slaughterhouse

There should be boned about 10.000 quartered animals per week, or the equivalent of 500 animals a day

There must be chopped 500 ton of beef a week. This is equivalent to 600.000 trays of those who bought in the supermarkets. It responds also to approximately 60 percent of all the mince that we Danes eat each week.

When the task concerns the management of waste water and sludge, Aquagain is ready to supply important know-how and solid experience in the design, construction, production, installation and service of efficient and environmentally friendly treatment plants.

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