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Newly minted technical designer

Karsten Lehmberg, apprentice in our technical department, has just defended his test for completed apprenticeship and received a very nice 10. Although he had set his aim slightly higher, we are very proud of Karsten and his perseverance and commitment.

Karsten’s apprenticeship ends on 26 June, when he can officially call himself a technical designer.

Karsten’s test for completed apprenticeship consisted of constructing a space-saving stand for solar cell installations which takes up only 23 m² of the property.

The system follows the trajectory of the sun and produces approx. 20,000 kWh per year which suits a detached house with 2 – 3 residents. Moreover, the system folds up in strong winds for better protection.

Inside the house, an electrical cabinet is installed whose size depends on whether the solar cell installation includes a battery, or not.

We congratulate Karsten on his result.

Watch Karsten’s video presentation of the project:

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