Opening of the Impressive Pretreatment Facility at Bjergmarken Wastewater Treatment Plant

In May 2022, we commenced the assembly in the new pretreatment building at the Bjergmarken wastewater treatment plant in Roskilde. Therefore, it was a great pleasure to participate in the opening ceremony last week.

Aquagain was responsible for the installation of all process equipment, as well as the fabrication of all piping systems, coverings, lids, railings/stairs, telescopes, and launder channels. The project was executed with close and productive communication among all involved parties, with a continuous emphasis on "the right solution" for the operating personnel, while maintaining a high pace.

Thank you for a very good collaboration to FORS, Krüger, Arkil, and CD Automation.

Throughout the project, Aquagain's team consisted of the same salesperson, project manager, and senior installer, which resulted in efficient execution with high-quality results – the pictures speak for themselves.

We are delighted with the collaboration and proud to have been part of this exciting project. We hope FORS will be very pleased with their new, splendid pretreatment building.

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