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Our high quality is now visible

Aquagain do participants in larger and larger and more complex projects, both nationally and internationally. This means that the requirements for internal inspection never have been more essential and significant than now.

Therefore we make a totally internal inspection of all units which is a part of a project, to which the topics now also are labeled with manufacturer, welder's initials and the initials of the person who carried out the control of the subject plus the topics identifications number (part number).

This means that there is traceability to all underlying documentation as the material certificates, welding certificates, welding procedure specification and welding procedure qualification records, documented control of aims and example welding controls done by third parties.

We see this as a win-win situation, as the buyer, regardless of geographic location can re-order parts from the part number, easy and straightforward, and it ensure that we always deliver correct issues first time.

Our labeling ensure your quality.

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