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Professionally solid senior installer

Aquagain in Brørup, Denmark seeks to employ a senior installer for projects in Denmark and Norway

We really cannot run much faster and we are therefore looking for a professionally solid senior installer who will be committed to our projects and responsible for their completion in accordance with the indisputable Aquagain quality.

As an Aquagain senior fitter, you are responsible for installing wastewater treatment plants, new waterworks and biogas plants. You will have your own installer’s vehicle, all necessary electronic hardware and be the one in your on-site team that is responsible for installations with reference to the responsible project manager.

Aquagain primarily manufactures systems in stainless steel. For this reason, a relevant background as a blacksmith and certificates in Tig welding of 141/pipes with root is an advantage. We also set store by you living within a 60-kilometer radius of Aquagain.

We expect you to take responsibility and control of your project and that you are always a good representative of Aquagain both to your team, partners and customers.

In return, we offer you that, as a senior installer at Aquagain, you will always have a strong team behind you; You will be part of a fleet of eight autonomous teams of installers and three service teams, we have our own design department, production and project managers who work closely with you and your team throughout the project. 

We handle a large variety of job types in Denmark and Norway; You will alternate between smaller jobs that can be completed in a short time, work in our production for shorter periods and major projects spanning several years with ample opportunity to take on responsibility and show your abilities in coordination, overview and progress.

About Aquagain – a secure supplier

Aquagain is a professional and recognised manufacturer that, since 1956, has provided efficient and environmentally friendly solutions in wastewater and sludge, drinking water and biogas.

Aquagain is involved in projects as a main and turnkey contractor, as a supplier of smithing and machine contracts and as a supplier of components. Aquagain provides industrial smithing in aluminium, black steel, stainless steel and fibre composite and develops and manufactures unique customised solutions and batch production.

Our customers are municipal and industrial enterprises at home and abroad whose requirements for quality, security of delivery and documentation, functionality and reliability, and service are significant.

Start date: As soon as possible.

Interviews are held regularly, so do not hesitate to submit your application and CV to Poul Madsen, COO, email: pm@aquagain.dk

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