Serial production - 150 tons handled steel delivered on time

Aquagain has just delivered a series of 100 pieces of steel construction units for transportation of precast concrete for the construction building industry. The order is delivered to the largest carrier of road transport in Denmark. And the order is completed in 50 working days after the layout and finalized design has been developed together with the customer on the basis of their wishes and requirements.

A short execution time, high quality and an acceptable price level were clear customer demands in addition to a desire for a professional approach in the design phase, underpin Aquagains strong competitiveness in the fields of industrial solutions. All of these parameters are met to the customer's full expectation and satisfaction.

Do you have projects and tasks where design, quality, delivery time and price are important parameters, you can trust us. Contact us, we uncover your opportunities and identify the most cost-effective solution which suits your project.

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