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"State of the art" covers | The Kvaesthus project, Copenhagen

Aquagain has designed, constructed, assembled and installed 10 stainless steel covers for the Kvaesthus pier in Copenhagen.

The covers are in cooperation with the customer and their advisors, designed just for this specific prestige project where exact design, quality, function and safety measures have been the focus.

The covers are made of acid-proof stainless steel with special coating on the surface that matches the surroundings. The covers are also hydraulic and are controlled with a wireless remote.

Something about the project:

The Kvaesthus pier is 320 meters long and 40 meters wide.

The Kvaesthus place has to be a beautiful place in the middle of the harbor, which stretches all the way from the pier tip until Nyhavn. North of the Playhouse Square should be a new public space on a large scale with a high architectural quality. The site must be able to match the Opera, the Playhouse, Frederiksstaden and the Holmen qualities.

The ambition is to make space for the "adventurous life space". The site must be flexible and functional in relation to different types of traffic, expression and experience. Both on land and at sea.

The large space at the pier should be experienced as a continuous and flat surface. The site gets over its entire length a coating of dark, grooved concrete in large fields. Artificial light will help to create the atmosphere in the square and invite visitors further into the site's attractions.

The site is being prepared for a possible later bridge to Dokøen. But it must also function optimally in the interim period. The site has several natural parts, each of which contributes to the overall experience. The dock behind the pier is framework for an important part of urban life in and around the square. On the Kvaesthus pier toward the basin comes pavilions, which provides space for seating and entertainment. Between them, there are less flexible spaces where you can settle down. On the Kvaesthus pier will also be brought jetties for berthing of larger ships. But also, for example, small boats and harbor taxi.

The aim is that both the decor and the architectural expression have a maritime expression. Both the choice of used materials and in relation to the future activities. The basin is an important part of Copenhagen and the port's maritime history. It was in his time passenger ships with daily departures to Aarhus and Aalborg and later to Oslo and Bornholm. In recent years, the basin has been a place where big sailing ships have made the environment more beautiful.

The project has been a great challenge as solution and customer demands have been extraordinarily high, and no compromises on design, quality, functionality and security measures has been an option. However, we have solved this challenge and task with a satisfactory result. This testifies that our organization again has shown great innovation strength in union with willpower, which means that we can participate in such large prestige projects.

Poul Madsen

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