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Sustainable further development of popular strip diffuser

Sustainability - Climate - Biodiversity; Words that are repeatedly mentioned in the public debate. Words we have to deal with. It's perhaps somewhat of a given in our industry that we care about these very words. However, we are aware more needs to be done; there are still many areas where we can improve ourselves, our products and our initiatives.

We try to do that every day, with big and small ideas for new measures.

Below, you can read about a product that helps our customers reduce plastic waste, and you can read about our contribution to a little more biodiversity.


Sustainable development of popular strip diffuser

The Jetflex® SSD Strip Diffuser is a very popular solution due to its ease of installation and handling, strength and reliability in operation.

Until now, it has simply been an environmental harm!

Diffusers have a specified service span; regardless of quality, the diffuser will lose efficiency over time and need to be replaced. This requires the entire diffuser to be removed from the basin and a new one to be installed. It has both taken a lot of time and created a lot of plastic waste.

Our partner, Jäger has developed a solution that is more economical, time-saving and environmentally friendly - in fact, it reduces the CO2 footprint by approximately 25%. The new patented solution is quite simple; instead of replacing the whole diffuser, only the membrane needs replacing.

See how the new SSD Jetflex ® works in the video.

Environmental benefits

  • Significant reduction of plastic waste
  • No use of glue
  • Recycled material for the frame
  • Approx. 25% reduction in CO2 footprint
  • Lower transport costs due to the reduced amount of materials

You can read more about SSD Jetflex ® on our website


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