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Update of 4 clarifiers | Fredericia WWTP and Energy A/S

Aquagain has just completed the installation of new dual-motorized bridges with bottom and surface scraper together with associated motorized channel cost. In addition, there is also delivered and installed new tilting devices, wells, covers and various shelters, etc.

The clarifiers has a diameter of 40 meters and Fredericia WWTP is Denmark's second largest wastewater treatment plants, and has a capacity of 420,000 PE

We always take dialogue with the customer about their extraordinary wants; we adapt our standard solutions into their wants, in which our design and engineering department prepared a layout. After customer’s approval, we start the manufacturing, installation and the commissioned of the plants. User manuals, operation and maintenance manuals and parts list etc., included the usual documentation to ensure the customer a system of high quality, thereby also ensuring the customer a safe and valid operating daily.

We also offer our customers a contract for services by our service department where we can offer normal preventive services and 24 hours worldwide online assistance in relation to emergency situations.

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