Aquagain is a professional and highly regarded engineering firm that supplies effective and environmentally friendly solutions for the handling and management of, especially:

  • Waste water and sludge
  • Drinking water
  • Biogas

Our solutions cover all aspects of the project, from advice, design, construction and production through delivery, installation and commissioning by our independent team of experts to subsequent service and maintenance.

Aquagain participates in projects as the prime or turnkey contractor, as a general or mechanical engineering contractor or as a supplier of components.
Aquagain offers industrial engineering services and develops and manufactures unique, customised solutions and standard products, including:

  • Cover plates
  • Machine equipment
  • Piping and plant installations
  • Tanks, silos and filters

Our solutions are supplied in aluminium, mild steel, stainless steel and fibre composite materials, and appropriate finishing treatment is often performed, e.g. dip pickling, passivation, oiling, glass-bead blasting or galvanisation. Everything is done according to environmentally approved methods and required certifications.  
Our customers are municipal and industrial enterprises at home and abroad that make high demands on quality, delivery performance and documentation, functionality, reliability and service.

At Aquagain, you will meet highly qualified professionals with important know-how and solid experience. You will meet people who are dedicated to their work and who understand your wishes and requirements. Our staff are familiar with the processes involved, comprehend your objectives and are capable of meeting your expectations for qualified sparring and the right solution.

With more than 1000 plants supplied, and know-how accumulated since 1956, Aquagain is an experienced and reliable partner.

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